Breeders of Miniature Goats and Pgymy Goats in South Australia. At Bucko Stud we have been successfully breeding and developing Miniature Goats since 2003. Our love is now for the Pygmy breed which we have been specialising in for the last 3 years.  One of the very few breeders of Pygmy Goats in South Australia we are dedicated to breeding top type and temperament as well as colour and conformation while we work on genetic recovery programs from American stock new to Australia.

Our Pygmy Goats are full of character and bring us lots of laughs at Bucko Stud.

We are available for Stud Visits on application for interested parties in this wonderful breed.

Please have a look around our site to see some of our beautiful animals. Unique Friendly personalities with an active nature, the Pygmy Goat has an beautiful temperament making the breed suitable for pets for young and old alike.

We recommend if you are looking to purchase Pygmy Goats you research breed and registration requirements prior to purchase as a new breed to Australia they can differ between Associations and it is important you make yourself aware of DNA and Genetic recovery programs if looking to breed or show.