A little Information about the Breed. As a new breed to the country breeders in Australian currently only have access to Pygmy genetics via Semen which is artificially inseminated to produce stock that are used in genetic recovery programs around Australia to breed up percentages. As you can appreciate this is an expensive and time consuming process. Bucko stud is dedicated to this recovery program and Pygmy does below will have percentages listed in their name and if DNA is recorded this will be noted. 

Sire: Trinity Mark Kuc 50% pygmy
Dam: Kazoo Prunella miniature
BUCKO SO-BEE 25% Pygmy
Sire: 50% pygmy Trinity Mark Kuc
Dam: Bucko So_Maye
BUCKO  DOE – 43.75% Pygmy  BUCKO SO-DOTTY – 43.75% Pygmy 
Sire: Trinity Chevy chase
Dam: SO- Lenne 25%Pygmy Doe
CH- CARMEL 43.75% pygmy 
Sire: 62.5% pygmy Trinity Chevy Chase
Dam: 25% pygmy Bucko CH-Nutmeg
 BUCKO PEANUT 43.75% pygmy  
Sire: 62.5% pygmy Trinity Chevy Chase
Dam:  25% pygmy Bucko Ferell